Transformers: The Last Knight

Posted on Sat 05 August 2017 in Projects • Tagged with ILM, video

Transformers The Last Knight

I had the privilege of joining the ILM Vancouver creature department just in time to help finish Transformers: The Last Knight. I worked on in-shot simulations for the bits and bobs that hang off the robots. Most of my work was in the junkyard sequence and a couple of shots …

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Mattel: Barbie & Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase

Posted on Tue 01 December 2015 in Projects • Tagged with Rainmaker, video

Barbie and her sisters follow up their puppy adventure with a puppy chase in the tropics.

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Sony Announces Open Season: Scared Silly

Posted on Wed 10 June 2015 in Projects • Tagged with Rainmaker, video

Elliot and Boog from Open Season: Scared
Elliot and Boog from Open Season: Scared Silly

Today, Sony Pictures Animation officially announced the fourth installment in the popular Open Season franchise, titled "Open Season: Scared Silly." Rainmaker is the animation facility for the show, and we've been hard at work getting everything looking awesome. The film is slated …

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Posted on Fri 19 December 2014 in Projects • Tagged with cloth, MPC, film

A lot of hard work and crazy hours went in to creating the visual effect for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. It's no surprise the film made the short-list for the 2014 Oscar for Visual Effects. I was lucky enough to spend a short amount of time …

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WIBO: Web Invoice Billing Organizer

Posted on Tue 22 April 2014 in Projects • Tagged with django, python

Wibo was devaloped to be the ultimate print-shop job tracking and invoicing sytem. It combines kanban based ideas and advanced reporting to help managers and designers manage workloads and monitor the progress of an entire team.

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Posted on Wed 17 July 2013 in Projects • Tagged with Maya, rigging

ROBO+REPAIR is a 15 second animated short completed as part of the DreamWorks Animation Summer Industry Course at Clemson University. I was on a team of five students who wrote and produced a short film about a robot looking to repair his broken arm.

As pipeline lead I helped …

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Utah Teapot

Posted on Fri 26 April 2013 in Projects • Tagged with C++, OpenGL

OpenGL / GLSL Render of the Utah Teapot
OpenGL / GLSL Render of the Utah Teapot.

I worked with a team of three other students to create an OpenGL render of the Utah Teapot. We implemented a shader in OGSL that made use of painted texture, bump and specular maps. My responsibilities included writing code to calculate and store …

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The Water is Always Bluer

Posted on Thu 13 December 2012 in Projects • Tagged with Maya, rigging

"The Water is Always Bluer" is an animated short film about a rubber duck bored with his life in the bathtub. When he gets his chance to escape, he realizes maybe his life wasn't so bad after all. "The Water is Always Bluer" was an official selection of the Greenville …

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Remnant: Angle Wings

Posted on Thu 28 October 2010 in Projects • Tagged with cloth, Maya, rigging

Maya nCloth wings
Remnant: Wing rigged in Maya using nCloth.

This Maya nCloth rig was created to help artists pose angle wings for Matt Via's game project "Remnant." Using a combination of cloth, joints and painted weight maps, I created a prop rig used to animate these larger-than-life wings. The gravity, mass …

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