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Rainmaker Entertainment: Where
Rainmaker Entertainment: Where worlds are created.

After a few months at MPC Vancouver, it was time to move on and find a new home in the animation/computer graphics industry. A new home that happens to be in the crazy talented rig department at Rainmaker Entertainment.

Rainmaker is one of …

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MPC Vancouver

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Moving Picture Company

I am very excited to join the film Technical Animation team at MPC Vancouver. MPC is a London based post production house with offices in London, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, LA and Bangladore. Their work includes visual effects for both the advertising and the film industry, with notable work on …

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SIGGRAPH 2014 Logo

We just received official word the film we worked on over the summer at Clemson University with DreamWorks Animation (ROBO+REPAIR) and the film the other team worked on (QA-ARM-A) were both accepted into the 2014 SIGGRAPH Dailies program. It is an honour to have our work shown as part …

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