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Aladdin (2019) Creature Sims, Rigging

Helped create the digital double rig for Aladdin and the animation rig for Jafar's genie variant. I was also responsible for parts of Jasmine's costume simulation setup. In shots, I also crafted muscle, hair, and cloth sims for Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, and Carpet, feather and fur simulations for Iago and Abu, and I maintained the animation rig for the flying variant for Carpet.

A Wrinkle in Time Rigging, Creature Sims

Responsible for rig maintenance on Mrs. Whatsit's leaf form. Designed fully scripted leaf headdress rig. Created the Meg digi-double puppet and cloth rigs. Ran in-shot character fx simulations.

Transformers: The Last Knight Rigging, Creature Sims

Responsible for in-shot character fx simulations. Also created the rigid body destruction simulation in the second shot of this reel.

Terminator: Dark Fate Rigging, Creature Sims

Responsible for rigging on the REV-9 limb variants and the final sequence REV-9 indo-skeleton. Worked with artists in the animation and effect department to create the animation rig for the divided REV-9 body. Also responsible for in-shot character sims for the REV-9 and T-800 characters in the final sequence.

Open Season: Scared Silly Rigging, Tool Development

Developed an automated rigging module to attach mine cars to the tracks. The system embeds a ribbon in the track asset, then allows layout or animation to attach any number of mine cars to the setup. I was also responsible for the mine car vehicle rigs. Responsible for Ed's werewolf variant body rig. Efficiently used proprietary rigging system to create a full-featured character rig. Responsible for the creature rig for the deer tick character.

ROBO+REPAIR Rigging, Pipeline Development

Responsible for designing the main character's fully articulated character rig. The rig features the ability to switch between three arm attachments and FK/IK switching on the arms and legs. When the arms and legs are in IK mode, the ball joints rotate to keep the limb in the socket of the ball joints. The rig features a torso rocker with an arbitrary pivot around the waist. I was also the pipeline lead for my team on this project.

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