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In a re-imagining of the 1996 hit, Space Jam: A New Legacy pits LeBron James, Bug Bunny, and the Tune Squad against Al G and his Goon Squad. To save his son from staying trapped in the digital server-verse, James must unite the Looney Tunes and transform them into the ultimate team to beat the Goon Squad in an epic game of basketball.

Led by VFX Supervisor Grady Cofer and Animation Supervisor Kevin Martel, Industrial Light & Magic provided the animation and effects for the 3D Tunes and crowds in the basketball game sequences. The global creature team developed a new facial animation system for cartoony characters and updated ILM's existing body rigs to include all of the squash and stretch that give the Tunes their life.

In addition to implementing the face rig for a handful of Tune characters, I was responsible for developing the tools used to merge the face rigs onto the body rigs. I was also responsible for diagnosing rig performance issues with the face and body rig kits. At the end of the show, I also completed shot simulation work with some of the Goon Squad.

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